Photo by Will Burnett

Photo by Will Burnett

Frances was born in London, England, raised in Houston, Texas and is now an aspiring theatre artist and creative professional based out of the Greater Boston area.

Frances found her passion in all things creative from music to dance to theatre to visual arts ever since her very first performance at age 3 - a self produced ballet recital for the reluctant audience of her younger brother.

In the realm of theatre Frances has a keen interest in and passion for both performance, and directing for the stage. She is currently developing her skills in these areas as an undergraduate in her junior year at the Boston University School of Theatre.

Frances is also deeply interested in developmental psychology and education. Having always enjoyed working with children and adolescents, her study of psychology has sparked an acute interest in expressive arts therapy and in the ways her creative endeavors can work to lift up those in her college community and other youth populations. Frances looks forward to graduating in 2021 with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts with a Concentration in Musical Theatre as well as a Concentration in Applied Developmental Psychology.

Last but not least, Frances is a dedicated plant mom and baker, and would like to use this public platform to apologize to her roommates for the mess in the kitchen and the potting soil on the living room floor.